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일인용, 드라이빙, 장비 구입 업그레이드, 자동차, 모으기 게임, 스턴트, 3D, 무료, Unity3D, Y8 계정, WebGL, Y8 하이스코어, Y8 저장, Y8 스크린샷, Y8 도전과제, 오프로드, 익스트림 스포츠 | 등록된 날짜: 02 Nov 2016
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Ah Russia... Vast forests, destroyed roads, mud tracks, wild expanses as far as the eye can see.
Don't resist the lure of nature and drive your powerful 4x4 freely through the Russian landscape.

In this fully 3D game, you can drive off-road in free ride or try to finish the different series (beginner, destroyer, checkpoints and trial) all with their own objectives and level of difficulty!

There are new looks for your 4x4 to unlock that you can share with your friends using the Y8 screenshot feature.
Be the best to unlock all achievements and save your score in the leaderboard.

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