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함정, 플랫폼, 장애물, 보석, Unity3D, Y8 계정, WebGL, Y8 하이스코어, Y8 저장, Y8 도전과제 | 등록된 날짜: 08 Feb 2024
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Embark on a thrilling adventure in Parkour Edge: Cursed Treasure, a WebGL 3D game set amidst the mysterious depths of an ancient Egyptian crypt. Navigate through treacherous obstacles and perilous traps as you master the art of parkour within the crypt's labyrinthine passages. Your mission: collect shimmering gems to unlock the elusive key needed to escape the cursed crypt. Dodge, leap, and vault your way through the crypt's shadowy corners, all while gathering precious coins to earn high scores and bragging rights. Will you conquer the challenges and claim the cursed treasure, or become lost in the darkness forever?

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Parkour Edge Cursed Treasure
Parkour Edge Cursed Treasure
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