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Through this arcade game you will only be able to choose from different mini-games to play, but you can click on different toys and special rides that are put all over the place, interacting with the items to see what they do. Also, make sure to visit the shop, where you can buy figurines of your favorite characters, using the coins you win in-game. In one game, characters from the Loud House pop up from holes, and you have to match them with their favorite cupcake by throwing it at them. In a SpongeBob game you do similarly, by shooting krabby patties at the fish. Play the Danger Force game and improve your mouse skills by collecting the different laser lights that pop up. In the It's Pony game, use the mouse to control the mechanical arm and grab as many toys as possible with it. The game featuring Ollie's Pack characters is one where you basically play Pac-Man. Or, go skateboarding with the characters from The CasaGrandes in another game. Have fun and enjoy playing this fun game here at!


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