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격투, 일인용, 액션, 장비 구입 업그레이드, 길거리 싸움, 쿵푸, 안드로이드, HTML5, 무료, Y8 계정, 모바일, 아이폰, 아이패드, 터치스크린, Y8 저장, Y8 도전과제 | 등록된 날짜: 08 Aug 2018
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  • Move
    Jump Punch
    Low Punch
    Jump Kick
    Low Kick
    High Kick

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Welcome to Kungfu School, the home of the great kungfu masters! Start your avatar fighting its way to easy mode so you can purchase some upgrade that will help you enter the next level of difficulty which are normal and hard mode. You'll be fighting different opponents in each mode that have different skills and abilities. Finish all the stages in every single modes and unlock all the achievements along the way. This action packed game will make your gaming worthwhile.

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