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멀티플레이어, 장비 구입 업그레이드, 길거리 싸움, 때려눕히기, 펀치, 3D, 무료, Unity3D, WebGL, 배틀로얄 | 등록된 날짜: 28 May 2021
  • Move
    Low kick/Dodge
    Look around
    Use skill
  • Main menu
    Switch weapon
  • Tab key:
    Tilda key (~):

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Fight Arena Online is a multiplayer fighting game where you have to stand against other players and computer bots. Connect to a tournament room and get ready for real fighting experience. Use kicks, punches, foot sweeps, combos and super attacks to beat your opponents. As more you fight as more money and experience points will you gain. Collect experience and unlock various challenge fights. Earn coins and spend them in the market to buy daggers, bottles, fireball weapons and upgrade your character skills.


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Fight Arena Online
Fight Arena Online
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