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일인용, 여자 아이, 옷 입히기, 안드로이드, HTML5, 메이크오버/메이크업, Y8 계정, 모바일, 아이폰, 아이패드, 터치스크린, Y8 저장, Y8 스크린샷, Y8 도전과제, 청소, Blonde Sofia | 등록된 날짜: 07 May 2023
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Blonde Sofia is back with another game called Blonde Sofia: Bridesmaid. Our cute little Blonde Sofia got an invitation as Bridesmaid for her bestie's marriage. But she got very bad acne on her face and her hair became a very bad condition. So help her to get ready by cleaning her face, removing acne, and apply chemical cream, and cleaning her skin. Next, prepare her hair by washing and applying some serums and finally the best dresses which suit the occasion. Play this lovely game only on

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Blonde Sofia: Bridesmaid
Blonde Sofia: Bridesmaid
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