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일인용, 막대기, 마우스 스킬, 지뢰, 모으기 게임, Timing, 무료, Unity3D, 블럭, WebGL | 등록된 날짜: 27 Feb 2021
  • Destroy block
    Scroll/Select axe

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Block Cuzsy is a challenging and fun mine game with a stick man. Your goal is to make a hole and go to the ground and destroy as many blocks as possible and survive any traps. You need to get more axe to destroy more blocks. It is a ranking type game where you earn the number of destroyed blocks while escaping from the approaching magma. You can choose from three courses: Short, Middle, and Long. Have fun and enjoy playing Block Cuzsy game here at!


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Block Cuzsy
Block Cuzsy
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